Year 3
Next Up March 23-28, 2017
The Cherry Orchard
By Anton Chekhov
Adapted by Jean-Claude Van Itallie
Directed by Lucie Thibergien
Atlas Theatre
A faded estate teeters on the tipping point of ruin and irrelevance, Chekhov's masterpiece weaves a tapestry of human heartbreak with the decline of a great culture. Two companies will perform the play in repertory.
Year 3
February 1-6, 2017
The Winter’s Tale
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Mark Wing-Davey
Jack Crystal Theatre
Shakespeare's autumnal tale of jealousy, retribution, rebirth, and redemption, framed by the paranoia of a contemporary police state.
Year 3
February 2-7, 2017
The Fortress of Solitude
By Michael Friedman and Itamar Moses
Directed by Daniel Aukin
Atlas Theatre
Two estranged young men bridge a chasm of neighborhood distrust through the magic of a 1970s soundtrack and the never-ending optimism of superheroes. An important new musical making its American conservatory debut at NYU Graduate Acting.
Year 3
September 21-26
The Luck of the Irish
By Kirsten Greenidge
Directed by Adrienne Williams
Atlas Theatre
A family secret connects two generations of Boston families – one Irish, one black – and proves that "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself" is a complicated rule to live by. Recently performed to acclaim at LCT3, this Grad Acting production is the first conservatory production in New York City.
Year 3
September 22-27
Buried Child
By Sam Shepard
Directed by Pamela Berlin
Jack Crystal Theatre
A Pulitzer Prize winning play by one of America's greatest dramatists, BURIED CHILD is a demented parable about the country's heartland and the generations who harvest the crop of its dysfunctionality.
Year 3
November 16-21
I Wasn’t Going to Tell Anybody and Then I Told Everybody
A World Premiere Play by Adam Bock
Directed by Lisa Peterson
Shubert Theatre
Does the interconnected world heighten the consequence of experience – or does it only make experience less consequential? A group of young people search New York for experiences – and experiments – in real connection.
Year 3
November 17-22
The Blueprint ♕
A World Premiere Play by Idris Goodwin
Directed by Jenny Koons
Atlas Theatre
A competition between two young writers of color combusts into a series of concentric conflicts over friends, family, fortune, and fame, framed by the tracks of a contemporary playlist.
Year 3
December 6-11
Produced, Performed, and Written by the Class of 2017
All performances at 721 Broadway, 5th Floor
A week-long festival comprised of adapted and original work – plays and films – produced and performed by the Grad Acting Class of 2017.